Give a Man a fish he eats that day, but teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetimes.


Welcome to the Gpp Foundation website, we hope & pray that you would like to help us be a positive impact into our society. feel free to look around & make your comments.

Cancer Initiative


or Our initiative is to  help cancer patients & caregivers through their financial struggles. WE assist with copays for: office visits ,Cancer treatments, Emergency  office visits, Transportation, Medication, Food expenses. 

Our Goal is to positively impact society one ste

The photo is a look at our cancer treatment journey. Please  everyone get checked.



Nobody knows the plan God has for you, but know that we all are here for a purpose, to honor our creator, and because God is all knowing, powerful & He doesn't make mistakes, your no accident. wouldn't it be a shame to live, die and we never fulfilled the purpose for what we were created to do. (That photo is me, Min. Paul Martin, going through my cancer journey.  

We seek to help & honor those that paved a way for me, this is how we plan to those that helped us.

Were seeking opportunities to bring awareness and to give our testimonies as both survivors & caregivers, to also inspire & encourage others to fight & keep the attention in our society to support our initiative & others like it.

Gpp Foundation Inc.

Daily someone goes through a traumatic  life altering situation. The depth of that situation is anyone's guess.  some are mentally scarred and their reality is ultimately irrevocably damaged, The Gpp Foundation works to help tho return. we  call it the helping the Fallen, the Least, the Lost & those society calls unsalvaga

The Mission

We all have a Mission to positively impact this world, to make it better than better before we leave it. There's no time for hate. 

Our journey has helped us become the people we are 2day

That doesn't mean we can't change, it just means we are at this point in our lives, We are still a work in progress.

Positively Impacting society

The promise

We came together to show each other that together, we can make a difference in people lives, including  our own. This is our first dinner board meeting to put together a strategic plan,  to move forward in various Missions, Events, & Initiatives.    

Impacting our communities

Emergency relief

When disaster comes, We'll be on the way, We've had the honor to provide emergency  support& supplies to local communities and to the surrounding  cities & States. 

The Fallen

Daily, millions of people fall in our society, but we never took the time to ask why .but because of our personal ties, We help the least, the lost the fallen, & those that have been called unsalvageable.

Cancer Initiative

We created the STAND N the GAP initiative after both the Martin's battle with cancer. We help  cancer patience & caregivers through their financial struggles. We also seek to bring awareness of this dreaded disease by telling our story..

Cease Fire

Cease Fire 
Our youth violence prevention mission. stop peer pressure, bullying.

We seek to find avenues to prevent youth to youth violence, We adopted the name Cease Fire.


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why we do what we do

Welcome  to  Gpp  Foundation, We pray that we positively impact someone life today. that we inspire & encourage someone to fight in-spite of the tempery circumstances. 


Welcome  to  Gpp  Foundation, We pray that we positively impact someone life today. that we inspire & encourage someone to fight in-spite of the tempery circumstances.