Give a Man a fish he eats that day, but teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetimes.

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Our amazing team of  board members,  committed on being a positive impact in people's lives. and making a difference in our ommuniti society. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!



STAND N the GAP is a cancer awareness initiative, that helps cancer patients & caregivers through their finanical needs. We assist with co-pays for: Office Visits, Transportation, Medication, Home Bills & groceries.

Our Mission

We're a faith based organization, inspired to addressed the needs of the all people

We focus on being a positive impact in our communities,& cities.  Society has both the need, & the  resource's to be a positive impact in someone's life,every hour on the hour, if only we try.


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The Promise I made

 The STAND N the GAP cancer initiative logo on the side, is a reminder, of how we honor those that battled , are in a battle or about to enter a battle with this devastating disease called cancer. Our initiative is to aid cancer patients & caregivers through their financial struggles, while they receive their treatment. We use the word we, because, our Foundation is built on family & if you’re in a battle with cancer, Your family.

Greetings Please allow us to introduce ourselves . We are Min.Paul & Linda Martin, Co-founders & visionaries of both the Gpp Foundation & the STAND N the GAP cancer initiative. The Gpp foundation was initially created to touch the Lost, Least, Fallen and those that have been called Unsalvageable.  Allow us to explain to us, the importance of  the STAND N the GAP initiative, and why we feel  so it's a necessity. We're very passionate about its existence. In 2007 my wife Linda  had her personal battled with cancer, and then in 2012, I  had  my battled with cancer. the experience was humbling and grateful. it also gave us a tremendous responsibility as survivors & caregivers to give back. Today we’re blessed to have the distinct honor & responsibility to wear the name, Cancer Survivor. with pride & respect. In 2014, my cancer battle fell off track; I had a come to Jesus moment, where I ASKED God to let me live, and I would serve Him the rest of my life. It was a long hard battle with many side issues. But after one of the darkest moments in my life, a voice told me to "tell my story". In 2016 I went into remission, and that was also the time when the Gpp Foundation was created. We’ve done some great things in our foundation; we tried to make our Purpose touch many lives. 

But I felt that I was missing something, and after much soul searching I realized "I was doing the Purpose of the foundation, but I missed the Promise I made God," to tell my story, which really isn’t just my story, it’s a message concerning God’s love for us, and how some forgot, doubt, or just don’t believe that God is with us. I apologize, didn’t want to take up so much of your time, but I’m requesting an opportunity to give our testimony to you. 

My wife Linda has her unique testimony, and I have mine. But we would be honored and privileged if you would grant us the opportunity to come before your Group, Organization, Church. & Community to give our testimony.  Every now and then, we will have highs life & lows, Let me tell you how recently I was inspired and motivated.

Nov 2019, Linda & I went to the Mercedes Benz stadium and had the honor of attending our 2nd Cancer Survivors Reunion, while walking from the parking lot to the stadium, I heard myself starting to complain about the walking distance it took to get to the function.  When I reminded myself to stop complaining, reminded that it wasn’t too long ago that I couldn’t have made this walk, when suddenly a man and his daughter came in line walking in front of me. I was thinking how beautiful his little girl was, when suddenly I verbally said to the man “she’s beautiful,” he said thanks, after a slight pause, he suddenly said yeah she’s at her first survivors dinner; I said, “wow, praise the Lord”. Thinking the conversation was over, the man suddenly said, “yeah she had cancer, I had cancer and her Mom had cancer”. It took me a moment to take it all that in, to digest the words, when my brain had a mental explosion, I looked around, seeking Mom, when suddenly I realized Mom wasn’t there. When we got down on the field, I eagerly scanned the room for where Dad & the little girl were sitting, but there still wasn’t Mom.

A few days later I thought about Dad & his little girl, where was Mom? I could have asked, but an old habit came to me while I was going through my journey, they told us to try not to ask personal questions, because it could be quite painful and emotional. So, I didn’t ask Dad where Mom was. But you're probably are wondering also where is Mom? 

Well the truth was, I don’t think I really want to know. In my battle alone we have seen many people come, and yes go, but I’m reminded that right now we all have the opportunity to live our best us we can be. Celebrate the life God gave us, and to be who God created us to be, if you don’t know, its ok to fail forward if we keep seeking & learning. To remember God’s unfailing love for us all. And to remember God wants to return to our first love. so where seeking opportunity to take our testimony to any and all who needs inspiration, motivation. we will come. (I was reminded of the Promise).


Min. Paul Martin and Linda Martin

Gpp Foundation Inc.  404 839-4383.

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We all will have storms in this life. But how will you survive yours? Our Foundations initiatives, Events, & Missions Aim is to reach out to the Fallen,the Lost,the Least,even those called Unsalvageable.I want to let you know, although it might not feel like it now, we are all valuable in God's eyes. We've all been created by an All powerful GOD,that don't make mistakes, You to have a purpose. How I know? I have worn all those titles. My name is Paul Martin  If God saved me He'll save you too.


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